TR3-Series Conveyor

Incline Conveyor

The TR3-Series of conveyor belts are designed to move materials from one level of a building to another. While our other belt series are primarily used to handling loose materials, like dirt, sand, and gravel, the TR3-Series is used mainly for boxes, containers, bags, and sacks. If you need to move bulky objects, either small or large, from one story to another, these belt conveyors are the material movers that you need.

The flat-top slider beds of the TR3-Series conveyors are available in 16 and 20 inch widths. The belt is made of two ply black 150 belting and is available in either a rough or smooth surface style. The standard conveyor lengths range from 10 feet up to 28 feet in two foot increments and a 31 foot model is also available. If you need a custom length for your application, Redline Systems can work with you to build the conveyor that exactly suits your needs. The frame of the conveyor is constructed of durable 7/8 in diameter tubing.

Because TR3-Series material handling conveyors primary use is moving bulky materials from one level to another, the usual power plants supplied are either an electric motor or a hydraulic motor. When you choose the electric motor for your belt you will find several options available. Several voltage packages are available, including 220 and 440 volt 3 phase power. A variable frequency drive can supply the motor with power and gives you the capability to adjust the speed of the conveyor to match the type and size of the material being moved. This will also allow all your workers to adjust the speed for safe, ergonomic offloading. An On/Off switch and a switch with a forward position, neutral position, and reverse position can be provided. You will be able to move your product in either direction, upstairs for storage or downstairs for shipping.

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TR3-Series Belt Conveyor
TR3-Series Belt Conveyor
TR3-Series Belt Conveyor
TR3-Series Belt Conveyor

Standard Specifications


TR3-Series Frame

Standard Specifications

  • Bed – 16 or 20 inch wide. Flat-top slider bed.
  • Frame – 7/8 inch or 1-1/4 inch steel tubing.
  • Belt – 2 ply 150 black roughtop x bare
  • Motor – Electric, gas, or hydraulic motor available.
  • End Drive – gearbox drive.
  • Bearings – Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning
  • Drive pulley – 7 inch diameter. Open caged for self cleaning.
  • Tail Pulley – 6 inch diameter. Open caged for self cleaning.

Conveyor Lengths and Weights

Conveyor Model Overall Length Total Belt Length Frame Material OD Weight (lbs.)
TR3-10 10 feet 19′-6″ 7/8″ 190
TR3-12 12 feet 23′-6″ 7/8″ 210
TR3-14 14 feet 27′-6″ 7/8″ 230
TR3-16 16 feet 31′-6″ 7/8″ 260
TR3-18 18 feet 35′-6″ 7/8″ 300
TR3-20 20 feet 39′-6″ 7/8″ 340
TR3-22 22 feet 43′-6″ 7/8″ 380
TR3-24 24 feet 47′-6″ 7/8″ 420
TR3-26 26 feet 51′-6″ 7/8″ 460
TR3-28 28 feet 55′-6″ 7/8″ 480
TR3-31 31 feet 61′-6″ 7/8″ 520

Custom sizes available | Request a quote | Weights do not include motor or optional equipment.

Frame Dimensions

Optional Equipment

Electric Motor

Gas Engine

Honda Gas Engine

Hydraulic Motor

Pneumatic Motor

Call 800-453-2447 for more information

Electric Controls

110/220v Single Phase
  • On/off switch
  • Foward/Neutral/Reversing switch
220/440v 3 phase
  • VFD Variable Speed Controller
  • Other available upon request

Hydraulic Controls

  • Varible Speed
  • Forward/Neutral/Reversing
  • Emergency shutoff at discharge
  • Spool valves for additional functions

Special Options

  • Scrappers/Wipers
  • Support legs
  • Discharge chutes
  • Drip pan
  • Elephant trunks
  • Custom undercarriages
  • Custom widths
Optional equipement is consider to be additions to the conveyor, and are priced separately